Individual Coaching

Coaching deals with the way you feel and act in certain situations. By looking at these feelings and reactions, and how to accept or change them, we can help you improve your situation.


I offer down-to-earth, reflective coaching, whereby the main idea aim is the result and the coaching methods are used to support the process. It is my goal that my clients, whether private people, managers or employees, find clarity for their situation. In this I am a neutral partner who is interested in your future and who listens


Coaching is a way to look at your values and how to harmonise these with the way you work and live. It also helps you to accept that bad things happen and so it is better to live with them, rather than fight or ignore them.


Running away from a problem only increases the distance to the solution. The easiest way to escape a problem is to solve it.


What you can expect:

  • Clarity about where you are now and what is causing your dissatisfaction.
  • Together we develop a concrete plan so that you can start into a new future.



Further Information

Costs and other Details

The hourly rate for coaching: €120.00 plus VAT. Only those appointments that have taken place or are subject to the cancellation rule will be charged.


Additional costs (which may be included in the contract):


Cancellation fee

  • In the event of cancellations, a cancellation fee will be charged, as it is usually not possible to organise a replacement for the firmly scheduled service at such short notice.

Travel expenses

  • Mileage allowance of €0.50, from 20 kilometres travelled.

Coaching contract

  • In all coaching cases, a service contract is created. The coaching contract includes all costs incurred.


Further Information

Target Groups

People and companies with different concerns and experiences approach me. Even though my focus is on problem solving, working together and processes, I address individual needs.

Coaching and team development relate to the development of one's own personality and less to professional solutions.