Individual Coaching

I am an English born native speaker and live near Hamburg. I offer training, workshop facilitation and coaching in both English and German.


Coaching is an opportunity to take time for yourself, to be yourself, to talk about yourself, and contemplate your position in life.

As a manager I learned how big the challenge can be when you try to:

  • meet the company's expectations
  • live up toyour own values
  • treat employees fairly

all at the same time.

For me as a coach, the goal is that you, as a client, feel competent in yourself. I want to help you find out what will help you.

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Team Workshops

Both as a team leader and as a team member, I saw how crucial interpersonal relationships within a group and between a manager and his team are for a team to work well.

The influence of the manager on the health, performance and work attendance of his employees is becoming increasingly relevant.

I help you
to learn and to practice the skills to work together, to communicate, to deal with conflicts.

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