Individual Coaching

I am an English born native speaker and live near Hamburg. I offer training, workshop facilitation and coaching in both English and German.


Coaching is an opportunity to take time for yourself, to be yourself, to talk about yourself, and contemplate your position in life.

Five possible reasons for coaching are:


1.      Processing what is going on


In unpredictable times, coaching can help make sense of the events that are going on around us, process the emotions that are affected and deal with the worry they create. An objective perspective can support you to do this effectively.


2.       Navigating change


Human nature tends to resistant to change – especially if it is forced upon you by people or circumstance. Coaching can help to develop new methods to navigate the change process.


3.       Looking at where you are in life


Finances, family demands and work can lead to a vicious circle of dissatisfaction and stress. Not the life that you had envisaged? Decisions and events in the past led you to where you are today, coaching can help to assess the present and develop a way for the future.


4.       Calming down


When the slightest delay, change or thing going wrong annoys you, it might be time to look at your way of looking at the world. Observing the events and considering their importance and alternatives can make life easier.


5.       Dealing with “difficult” employees


As a manager, team leader or in everyday life, you probably have to deal with “difficult” people at some point. In coaching you can clarify why this person is "difficult" for you, examine your alternatives and how you can deal with them in order to learn for future situations.


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Team Workshops

Both as a team leader and as a team member, I saw how crucial interpersonal relationships within a group and between a manager and his team are for a team to work well.

The influence of the manager on the health, performance and work attendance of his employees is becoming increasingly relevant.

I help you
to learn and to practice the skills to work together, to communicate, to deal with conflicts.

Further Information

Target Groups

People and companies with different concerns and experiences approach me. Even though my focus is on problem solving, working together and processes, I address individual needs.

Coaching and team development relate to the development of one's own personality and less to professional solutions.