Team Development

The goal of a team development workshop is to motivate the members and help them to work together better. The workshop allows members to find their place in the team and to address their expectations and goals.

Through guidance and selected activities, a team can look at its daily work from a different perspective and discuss the situation openly. The positive effect carries over into the workplace.


Team members learn to respect each other and accept their differences, to know each other as people and to work as colleagues.

Contents (Example)

  • What we need to work as a team
  • Discussion and agreement on feedback rules.
  • What is the team culture and why is it important?
  • Opinions and prejudices.
  • Discuss problems to create solutions.
  • Create joint agreement for cooperation.

"Who does not know where he wants to go, should not be surprised when he arrives somewhere else."

Mark Twain (American writer)